October, 2007 Monthly archive




12 modular wallpaper paintings are being exhibited at furniture luxury shop “Famler Einrichtungen“, Salzburg.




A client had seen Nina Levett’s work and wanted to commission some art for a new house he had just built in Vienna.  He came to the studio and discussed what would suit his new home.  In the end he asked Nina Levett to paint directly onto one of the walls in his living room.

She created a bold design using varnish.  She loved the way that the bright colours looked against the white area of wall, and the way that the flower seemed to have a life of its own as it crept across the room.  It made a strong statement and completely transformed how the client felt about his living space.


After this project, the client and Nina Levett became friends. In fact, he was her photographer for some time afterwards and he helped her to focus and develop many of the key concepts for her work.  He also helped Nina to create a distinctive style for my photography; namely that there would always be a blond, ‘Nina Levett’-like person near the designs.  Sometimes the figure would be her; sometimes it would be somebody who looked like her.  But whoever it was, the woman would always wear the same blond wig.  Through this imagery we explored ideas of self, of identity and of the tension between the individual and mass production.  All of these ideas grew out of this first project.