Exhibition in Museumsquartier (Combinat) from 02.11.2007 until 30.11.2007.

Located in Museumsquartier, COMBINAT is: A meeting place, working and art space, industrial, and exhibition space. The approximately 70m2 room where comparably fancy, everyday life-suited small pieces and limited-items are produced by hand in most instances, serves for different designers, not only as a stage and workshop for their creation, but is also the fulfillment of personal dreams. COMBINAT is meant to be a lively space, where exchanges take place and the designers and artists on site can be locally noticeable. The clients should stand in direct contact with the producers. COMBINAT is as well a platform for temporary exhibitions for guest designers. Nina Levett will be showing her transparent translucent wallpaper lamps and epoxy resin fashion and textile designs. www.combinat.at.