Wallflowers in neon pink by Nina Levett

stickers3.jpgThis flower design was an early example of Nina Levett’s flower designs. Levett’s first moveable wallpaper was made in size 36,8×36,8 cm.  She painted several flowers in neon pink but she was frustrated by the result of these first paintings. The colours were translucent and the overall effect was poor.  Levett could not achieve the colour effect that she wanted.  The breakthrough came when the designer was approached by a company who asked her if she could produce wall stickers, as well as moveable wallpapers. In her reply to them she invented a way to cut out flowers by hand from neon pink skateboard grip tape, stuck onto baking paper and applied to varnished wood.  Although, in the end, the company did not commission any further work, Nina Levett began to use this technique for moveable wallpapers.  The neon pink has actually become her signature colour.

For an entire year after the discovery of this new technique, Nina Levett always designed the same flower on each of the sticky tapes and stuck them onto varnished wood. In 2007 she made about 40 such moveable wallpapers with dots and with flowers. The colour combinations were pink/orange, white/black, white/pink, brown/black, black/white, brown pink.