July, 2011 Monthly archive

Hello this is Nina.

I have decided to add content to this website on a more regular basis. I will be writing about themes that are important for the understanding of my artworks. The main theme of interest is ornaments and patterns.

I design ornaments for tableware (including cutlery and glasses) and porcelain. I also handprint textiles and wallpapers.

But for the understanding of my work it will be important to give a lot more background information. I will be adding daily ideas that regard my work and inspiration. I will be writing about themes I strongly relate to and which play a role in the ornaments I create.

I attach a photo of myself which is showing a battered and bruised face. This photo was made 2007. It was a time in my life when I started over again. I was feeling weak and hurt. Now slowly things are changing and this reflects in my work which has become a lot more colourful and positive.

I would appreciate if you would leave comments here about what themes you would like me to write about in my blog. I will also be creating videos which should be a powerful resource to make you understand my approach to my art.