November, 2011 Monthly archive

Nina Levett is talking about “The Search for Meaning” in this video. She explains that she finds it interesting to watch videos or read about other artists and how they go about in their work. She relates to their struggles and the way they feel about their work. It helps her to keep alive the vigorous struggle for meaning that she finds she has to face everytime she sits down to work.

NINA LEVETT wallpaper collection coming soon. this is the scan of a silkscreen printed wallpaper sized 50cmx100cm. The scan was later retouched using vector drawn transparent shapes.

For the exhibition which was held at the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna from November 2011 to January 2012 Nina Levett held a talk explaining how she made the tableware box which is now part of the permanent collection of the museum. She talks about the important moment in her life when during her wedding trip she received an email by the museum asking if she would take part in the Design Criminals exhibition. She was overwhelmed with joy when she read this email because the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts is right outside her studio and is very closely related to the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where Nina studied architecture from 1993 to 1997.

The work for the Design Criminals exhibition curated by Sam Jacob affected Nina Levett’s wedding preparations. She now not only had to prepare the wedding ceremony hosting 140 guests but also had to organize a photo shooting and a live video of the event which was to be shown at the museum.

The success of this exhibition was so great that the curator Thomas Geisler asked Nina Levett if the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts could keep some of her works for its permanent collection. The result of this was Nina’s creating a new tableware box for the museum. The results of this project were terrific which she explains as being thanks to the close cooperation between her and the curator Thomas Geisler.