In this video Nina Levett uses a handheld mobile device (an iphone app which creates a kaleidoscope effect to photos and videos) to create a disconcerting, distorted view of reality.

This reflects her feeling of the impossibility to face the artist’s life which is so empty of praise and feedback when the audience appears to be so far away. Yet is so close and potentially voyeuristic, dangerous and discerning. In her imagination so devouring. The artist does not know how to deal with the one way flow of information. A void measurable by the number of views on google analytics.

Nina creates manipulated imagery: a distortion of her own colourful handprinted wallpaper which was previously meticulously created. The small tip of the china ink pen drawing possible to make one printing layer only within several hours of work which means sitting for weeks and weeks to do one design of about 40x50cm. But the finished work is not the end of the process. Once the silkscreens have been made, Nina progresses to commenting her work and showing the results of the progress. But again also the documentation is a distortion of the truth. Nina is not Nina but an imagery of Nina. in this video also the photographic evidence of what her work looks like is distorted and moved and blurred making it impossible to guess what she really does.

Nina’s work is also about dissolving public and private space, giving viewers a sense of participation and hallucination.

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