Reduce cellulite

Hello friends,
This is a blog about ornaments and patterns and I am slowly warming up to the theme. I will try to explain some influences that make my work the way it is. Lots of the ideas for my artwork evolve about things that happen to me in my private life.
One life event that happened about 4 years ago was meeting my husband. When I first met him I started to relax because things were finally going the way I wanted them to. I finally had someone to love, to talk to and someone to share my ideas with.
At the same time I also became more aware of how people saw me. I got feedback from him about how I could enhance success and get better results for my work.
Many of his ideas and inputs regarded me and my body. He said that if I manage to look better, if I come across as a more outstanding “physique” this would be better for my work.
He also said that people judge themselves a lot more by the way they look than it seems. My reaction was not positive to this at first. But the more I listened to men speak about women the more I realized that it is true. Relationships between people are strongly influenced by their looks.
Since I have accepted this fact as a truth I have become increasingly attentive to the way the media propagate information about stars and celebrities and have looked very closely at the way stars and celebrities keep fit. I have examined the way they live and their diet plans.
Since many of the famous are almost look-alikes I have some doubt if their bodies and diet plans are real. But for sure there are some tendencies as to the way they appear in the media. I have especially been influenced by three stars that have been on my mind for a while. These are Andy Warhol, Madonna and Amy Winehouse.

After seeing many workout videos, dance videos and spending many hours watching Madonna concerts and buying books and DVDs from people like Madonna’s former fitness trainer Tracy Anderson and her former cook Mayumi Nishimura. I tried Tracy Anderson’s method of training small muscles in order to stay “small”. Finally I got my own personal trainer and started working out many hours per week.

My increasing fascination for my body and its appearance has become like an obsession.

So much energy went into this that it showed strongly in my work and also in the videos that I made. Have a look at the film page to see some of my videos. Especially the wedding video “What If…” is very worthwhile to watch.

You will probably ask youself: what does this have to do with ornaments and patterns?

Here you can see an image of a fork that I made about Madonna.

I have read that making lists is very important for blogging.

So I will put up a small list here for you:

a. Women should be happy, thin and beautiful. So reduce your cellulite NOW.
b. In order to be happy DO DON’TS.
c. Don’t think too much.
d. Don’t go on a diet without booking a personal trainer to keep you fit.
e. Never go anywhere without wearing makeup and a perfect hairdo.
f. Here is a makeup tutorial and another one.
g. When you are perfectly thin and feel good about yourself then it is the perfect moment to have a baby.
h. Feel bad about yourself if you are perfectly thin and you are not yet pregnant.
i. If you are pregnant feel bad about not being able to continue being as thin as you used to be.
j. Keep on commenting and come back to this website.

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