February, 2012 Monthly archive

Nina Levett is currently working on some textiles for curtains. She will present her new fabric collection by the end of 2012. These are the first designs of the new collection. In the next days a video will document the work process involved in creating these patterns.

The themes of this collection are anxiety and fear, but also protection from these feelings. The patterns are more abstract than the last collection. The works are held in black and white enabling to print in several colours, multi-layering the diverse themes.

The pattern above is about things adults are scared of. Violence, prostitution, drugs, terror, ageing, anxiety,…. These all are negative aspects of our own lives or someone else’s. This pattern was created as a counterweight to the bright side which is represented by flowers, bulimic models, thin girls, love and laughter (as seen in the first and last pattern).

Nina Levett has recently been featured and was interviewed about the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt in the daily newspaper “Die Presse”. She participated in a group interview with three other Austrian designers and artists. The interview took place at Madame Tussaud’s in Vienna, allowing a group photograph of the group to be taken near the wachs statue of Gustav Klimt.
Gustav Klimt was a very interesting personality. He was a bachelor right until his early death in 1918. It is said that he had about 12 children with different women. Mostly he had affairs with the women he painted. But one of his life partners was the fashion designer Emilie Flöge.
He started his very successful life as an artist by studying at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts.
He then proceeded to make murals with his talented brother Ernst and their friend Franz Matsch. The trio was very successful and painted freskos for many famous buildings such as the Burgtheater in Vienna. His father and brother died in the same year and Klimt took financial responsibility for himself and his family (he was one of seven children).
He became very successful when his artworks were liberated from stylistic and thematical conventions, but he was also subject to a lot of criticism which led to him withdrawing from one of his biggest commissions: three paintings for the Vienna university. After this scandal he refused to work for the Austrian State again. He was “punished” by never being made professor at the famous Vienna Art University which would have been a major honour for him at the time.
Even though there always was a lot of controversy about his work, Klimt is one of the most famous Austrian painters to this day. If you enter the phrase “most expensive art” into the Google search machine you will find two of his paintings among the most expensive artworks ever sold to this day. Click here to read the article in “Die Presse Schaufenster”.

Photo copyrights: Die Presse Schaufenster and Teresa Zöttl

Lobmeyr wine glass  “Gemischter Satz” by Polka Products.

Laser engraved with ornaments by Nina Levett

Height 20 cm, diameter 10 cm.


Born in 1973 in Vienna, Austria ornament designer Nina Levett is best known for her provocative tableware designs and her inspiring works like her Sperm Sofa and colourful moveable wallpapers.

Nina Levett starts her working process with a china ink drawing on transparent paper. She simply lets her hand do the work for her. Completely letting go of any thoughts and trusting her visual impulse, her hand follows the visual images her brain produces, anticipating the next step in her drawing process.

The finished works are multi-layer artworks with harmonious colours. Her works are usually created using diverse techniques that she produces in-house in her own studio. She entirely controls all steps in the working process from the first drafts to the finished print or porcelain product.

Nina Levett finds inspiration from films like Abel Ferrara’s “Bad Lieutenant”. She says that her work is inspired by the three to five P’s: POP, PUNK, PORN, PROTEST and PAIN.

Nina Levett’s first design for Ritzenhoff was presented at the Ambiente Messe approximately one week ago. Levett’s new espresso cup of the Spring/Summer Collection 2012 is called “My Little Darling”.  The cup can be bought directly on the Ritzenhoff website for 19,95 EUR by clicking here.