Best Of Vienna shooting

Born in 1973 in Vienna, Austrian ornament designer Nina Levett is best known for her provocative tableware designs and her inspiring works like her Sperm sofa and colourful moveable wallpapers.

Nina Levett starts her working process with a china ink drawing on transparent paper. She simply lets her hand do the work for her. Completely letting go of any thoughts and trusting her visual impulse, her hand follows the visual images her brain produces, anticipating the next step in her drawing process. The finished works are multi-layer artworks with harmonious colours. Her works are usually created using diverse techniques that she produces in-house in her own studio. She entirely controls all steps in the working process from the first drafts to the finished print or porcelain product.

Nina Levett finds inspiration from films like Abel Ferrara’s “Bad Lieutenant”. She says that her work is inspired by the three to five P’s: POP, PUNK, PORN, PROTEST and PAIN.

In the shooting for a magazine called “Best of Vienna” she depicts a woman in front of diverse unfinished wallpaper designs.

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