Design Criminals MAK Nite by Nina Levett 2010

What would it be like to marry two women on your wedding day?

How big will the wedding be? Will everyone be impressed with the brides, the flowers, the make-up, the cake, the flowers?

The MAK Design Nite in 2010 was curated by Sam Jacob with the help of design curator  Thomas Geisler.

The idea was to make the wedding spouse into a walking flower bouquet. This showed the woman as an object.

In Nina Levett’s concept for the wedding film and the MAK Design Nite 2010 she played with the idea that fears arise in the moment of saying YES. Will the husband/wife be loyal all their life? Will the couple be happy? These fears were metaphorically shown by depicting the husband with two wives. The confusion of seeing two women in wedding dresses evoke the uncertainty and fear that the couple and their friends and family feel on the wedding day.

Katarina Niznanska has been involved in the projects of Nina Levett since 2003. She has become very close in these last years and was very important for Nina Levett’s work. Katarina Niznanska is very gifted with flowers and was also responsible for the flowers at the wedding ceremony as well as the flowers for the Design Criminals exhibition curated by Sam Jacob.

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