Textile Designs by Nina Levett

Nina Levett is currently working on some textiles for curtains. She will present her new fabric collection by the end of 2012. These are the first designs of the new collection. In the next days a video will document the work process involved in creating these patterns.

The themes of this collection are anxiety and fear, but also protection from these feelings. The patterns are more abstract than the last collection. The works are held in black and white enabling to print in several colours, multi-layering the diverse themes.

The pattern above is about things adults are scared of. Violence, prostitution, drugs, terror, ageing, anxiety,…. These all are negative aspects of our own lives or someone else’s. This pattern was created as a counterweight to the bright side which is represented by flowers, bulimic models, thin girls, love and laughter (as seen in the first and last pattern).

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