Trying to find a direction of thought. I’d like to create moments of goodness to myself. One need I have that is currently not being met is personal growth and challenge. I get these challenges physically whilst doing sports and mentally whilst cooking but I’d also like to face the technical and economic challenges of doing art. I therefore would like to start again where I ended in 2012. I’d like to start to produce furniture, print fabrics, sew cushions and make the moveable wallpapers again. Soon I’ll be writing about my newest printing project. It is printed fabrics for tulip armchairs for my private pieces.


Photo above from today. Dalai Lama wrote in his book about good life that time passes super fast. We are guests on this planet for a short while. We should use this precious time to do good. I feel strange at this thought and it feels as though I wouldn’t be doing enough. I’d like to live more close to nature and do less harm.



My work should coincide with my values. Should I print? Should I produce more stuff? Where should this stuff be sold? And to whom? How can this happen more sustainably?


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