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There is something to be said for obsessions. I wish I could say that it is easy being in my skin. I used to do art and design. Then I married. Then my gallerist disappeared. I had two more kids and I found myself not doing art anymore. I don’t miss it.

Instead of finding consolation in drugs I started running. Typically me. Running would not just be my hobby. It would be my everything.

I fell head over heals for running. It all started on my birthday in 2016. I contacted a coach and together we developed a plan for what would become a chapter in my life.

It was a new start and the addiction kicked in. It became better each day. So many emotions were freed in the process. A blossoming phase in my life.

During the runs I listened to podcasts and of course the wide range of ideas in the podcasts introduced me to a lot of themes. My life became more interesting and passionate. I didn’t know where to start when I woke up in the morning.

Many people asked me about art and if I was still doing anything related to art. I said no.

I was introduced to morning rituals and making lists of things. In the mornings I often made handwritten lists of To Do items. Sometimes during the day I would do some of the things written on the list. Many things on the list remained there for days and even weeks.

Writing morning pages and logging my training became passions. I felt the rush of happiness when I wrote. Still I hated the urge to write. I tried to keep myself away from compulsion. I didn’t want another job.


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