What I learnt in January 2018

Where I started last month and what lessons were learnt.

I learnt that running with music is easier on faster and longer runs.

I learnt about addiction from the Amy Dresner book. That all addictions are interchangeable. That relapsing is part of the journey of recovery.

I learned to try to be very authentic and in touch with who I am. That means not to answer emails that are hurtful. To delegate many things that seep my energy.

Keeping my phone away from yoga class.

Keeping my phone away from the bedroom.

Foamrolling and yoga to increase flexibility.

My haircolour: either I go back to dark or I make an effort to dye dark strands over the blond ones.

Doing a routine of short meditations and yoga sessions.

Foamrolling and strength sessions alone.

Thinking about small steps. Little doses of stretching, writing and running. Little doses of publishing things on my website.

Talking to people about what I could have done better.

Letting my thoughts flow.


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