I sometimes see women who are hard-faced. Their mouths are tight snd they look strict and unhappy.

Sometimes this was the way I felt too. I became aware of feeling too stern and serious during yoga practice.

My Pilates teacher told me to be kind to my body. He said that this was something I wasn‘t too good at. Being good to it means listening to it. When it is tired it wants sleep.

But to be kind to yourself I also found out that it does not help to be too hard on others either. Smiling at your neighbour in yoga class, feeling a sense of inclusion towards everyone, being kind even in the face of children‘s tantrums. These are examples of behaviour that I would call soft.

When I am angry at someone I see that what makes me angry is one side of the person that I also have in my own character.

Examples: not being a good listener. Being judgemental. Giving opinions. Not seeing the best in others.

Being kind to myself means being kind to others.

Seeing the beauty in others gives me a soft and warm feeling.

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