Personal Ten Commandments

I read on Gretchen Rubin‘s website that people can think about their rules that they live by.

I already had similar thoughts prior to her asking what my Ten Commandments would be.

I wanted to write down findings such as that I should not eat the protein bar in the fitness studio because it makes me feel sick, or that I should try to be vegan, that I should avoid gluten and that I should not listen to my headphones while crossing a street. Another one: not using my phone in the yoga studio, not using my phone in the bedroom at night.

My own twelve commandments:
A) be empty (find a void) then when your energy returns go where you feel most alive.
B) mornings are the time for you to get ready and journal and do your stuff ALONE.
C) sometimes saying nothing is best. Avoid noise.
D) you are often an addict. Check if you are drawn to something via fear. Then don‘t. You are more than your fear. It shall pass.
E) say no when your intuition says no.
F) resist the urge to please. Especially one particular person who triggers you.
G) don‘t try to be right & don‘t give advice.
H) practice gratitude, see the beauty in the smallest things.
I) be kind which means doing stuff to make you like yourself. Don‘t feel like a hard person. Feel soft and kind. And funny. And wise.
J) when things seem difficult break them into doable portions or delegate.
K) don‘t be fooled by charlatans and doctors.
L) we are all similar – don‘t judge – you never walked in their shoes.

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