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My new writing habit has emerged from a place of freedom. I was always fascinated by people who engage in activities that are risky. A man like Alex Honnold faces death if he fails at solo climbing El Cap, a man like Jake Blauvelt faces death if an avalanche hits him in one of the convex slopes that he snowboards down on. So writing or being interviewed seems like a very safe thing to do.

What if I fail? What if nobody reads what I write? What if the grammar is not correct? Nothing at all will happen. So the risk is almost zero. What are the benefits?

I think that writing is a good habit to develop. I think it is a way to reach out to like-minded people and to create a community. Putting thoughts out there is a way of free and unharnessed expression.

We may feel that parts of our lives are not free. Parts of our lives are trapped by the necessities of our children, our spouse, our other relationships, work and other commitments. Writing however is a space where thoughts can flow. The feeling of flow is a spacious feeling of freedom.

I really enjoy listening to interviews with people that have developed flow in their lives. I used to work with this kind of trust in myself (gut feeling). I used to use this to develop my art which was not meant to be pretty and controlled. It was just the way it was. Uncontrolled and coming from a place within the I trusted and that I did not need to censor.

So by writing a blog I think I might try to develop this state again. The state of trusting that the work takes shape if you let it. If you adhere to the habit of letting something flow you will see what develops from this habit.

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