Tiny Things

About a year ago I listened to a podcast about mindfulness. The interview was with Michael Gervais and a person who worked st Google and wrote the book „Search Inside Yourself“, called Meng. Click on the link for the full interview.

I remember clearly that Meng said that to become happy you should notice tiny things that bring a subtle joy to you. He gave the example of drinking a glass of water. If you notice the joy in such an everyday action this moment can be amplified. By practicing this you can find incredible joy in the most trivial things that happen.

This thought has remained with me and I have noticed the joy in everyday moments has grown. The things that have brought me great joy: seeing people wearing lovely colors, seeing the guy at the Starbucks having the most beautiful tattoo, embracing my daughter, hearing my toddler say „Ich liebe du“.

I think it is strange how intense the feeling of joy can become once practiced.

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