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Nina Levett is a provocative, Vienna-based designer, who creates bold ornaments and patterns that are applied to a variety of surfaces from cutlery, glassware and tableware to textiles, moveable wallpapers and porcelain. Her studio produces ornamental everyday objects with distinctive decoration that expresses Nina Levett’s uncompromising observations on society and human relationships. Nina Levett’s high-end designs have appeared at the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, the Alessi Museum and in art galleries and fairs in Europe, Asia and the USA.
“I have been concentrating on ornaments for tableware, wallpapers and textiles following the tradition of the Wiener Werkstätte at the beginning of the last century but integrating ideas derived from the internet into my work,” says Levett. “It’s best summarized with three to five P’s: POP, PUNK and PORN – and maybe PROTEST but that sounds so harsh – so maybe PAIN would be better”.

Short curriculum

Nina Levett was born in Vienna, Austria in 1973.
Vienna International School 1980-1992.
Vienna University of Economics and Business 1992-1997 (Business Administration with special focus on Management/Strategic Leadership and Advertising).
Vienna University of Technology 1993-1995 (2-year-degree in Real Estate Management).
University of Applied Arts Vienna 1993-1997 (Architecture).
Nina Levett moved to Italy in 1998 and set up a design company producing packaging for software.
She lived and worked in Italy from 1998-2004.
She then moved back to Vienna, Austria in 2004 to set up her design studio specializing in ornaments and patterns.

Nina Levett

10 Things about Nina Levett

1// Nina Levett is an invented persona. Her nails are fake, her hair is not real. She does not exist.

2// It took her many years, one personal trainer and a few beauty docs to become as beautiful as she is now.

3// At school she was an achiever.

4// She does not believe in life after death and therefore often works long hours.

5// Nina Levett believes in following the flow. She works when ideas come to her. Much of what she does is spontaneous and unplanned. Watch the video of Amy Tan talking about creativity here.

6// She is fascinated by pop culture (Madonna,…).

7// Some of her inspiration comes from the city of Vienna and in particular the Wiener Werkstätte.

8// Her favourite film is by Abel Ferrara: “Bad Lieutenant”

9// Nina Levett eats no sugar and drinks no alcohol. She works out regularly.

10// Some of her spiritual inspiration comes from Ajahn Brahm, Theravada Buddhism and Sigmund Freud.

Photo credits: Michal Jellinek

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  1. ilian Sphie Schlichting-Stegemann says: March 29, 201318:00

    I love your commitment as it goes deep and shows something real. <3 you and your work, Nina, wish I could share more time with you in the future. Say hello to hubby, I loved his silver glitter nails… :-*

    • ninalevett says: April 11, 201308:45

      Thanks so much Lil! Wish could go to Berlin to see more of what you do! Hope I’ll have more time to know you better in future.

  2. clara says: April 12, 201312:09

    hi mom I love u and my family and my step family!!!
    After reading this I cant belive how much u suffered for me!
    love u! Clara Schrödl : )

    • ninalevett says: April 12, 201312:58

      Dear Clara,
      let’s talk about this when you’re at home agian. Okay?
      I love you and miss you.
      See you on Sunday,…

  3. Evelyn says: July 25, 201414:18

    Hi Nina, Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am going to Vienna in a few days to paint in a studio for 3 weeks and unfortunately cannot bring my silk screen with me as it doesn’t fit in suitcase and I need carry on luggage to be a bag of clothes as all art materials fill the suitcase. Anyway, I can’t seem to find anywhere in Vienna that make silk screens where I can get my designs burnt onto silk screens. Could you please point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! Evelyn

    • ninalevett says: July 25, 201414:58

      Hi Evelyn!
      I replied to this via email.
      Kind regards

  4. Lora says: November 9, 201410:32

    Let’s all do some artwork sometime! When I first saw your studio, I thought to myself, “What a great place to play!” Thanks for sharing your story. We have many things in common that I didn’t realize.

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