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Hello there!

It has been a long time. If you want to know what I have been up to lately I’d like to add a list of things that are keeping me occupied lately. First and foremost I am now 17 weeks pregnant with baby number four, this along with the fact that our lively 2-year old is also growing and needing a lot of attention has kept me busy and very/insanely happy. The new baby will be boy too, so here we go, hoping to have 3 males and 1 female by April 2014. Furthermore we are renovating our home and I will be moving my studio to another floor keeping work and living spaces more separate. This sounds great but for the moment I feel that I won’t be going back to work as long as the two little ones are still at home. So at the moment the studio space will be just a space to organize my private life and will be waiting and set up for some time in the future when I will be having enough energy to occupy myself with creative things again. Another news is that we will be dedicating one room to fitness. I have been into Pilates at home and personal training sessions for about a year besides receiving shiatsu treatments and acupuncture.  All these things have been highly effective and I feel very energetic and positive lately. The next hobby I would like mention is nutrition. I hope I can be writing about his later but at the moment the beby is requesting attention,….

Hope to be back soon!


Trying to find a direction of thought. I’d like to create moments of goodness to myself. One need I have that is currently not being met is personal growth and challenge. I get these challenges physically whilst doing sports and mentally whilst cooking but I’d also like to face the technical and economic challenges of doing art. I therefore would like to start again where I ended in 2012. I’d like to start to produce furniture, print fabrics, sew cushions and make the moveable wallpapers again. Soon I’ll be writing about my newest printing project. It is printed fabrics for tulip armchairs for my private pieces.


Photo above from today. Dalai Lama wrote in his book about good life that time passes super fast. We are guests on this planet for a short while. We should use this precious time to do good. I feel strange at this thought and it feels as though I wouldn’t be doing enough. I’d like to live more close to nature and do less harm.



My work should coincide with my values. Should I print? Should I produce more stuff? Where should this stuff be sold? And to whom? How can this happen more sustainably?


I’ve been reading the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubinstein for a long time. Now she’s into a new theme which she’s researching which are habits and how to change them. Here is her blog

After having a baby is a time for getting things clear. I always get my coordinates reset in this time. Before having Julian I had doubts about working in art. Especially the kind of clients, the cooperation with my gallery, many of these things were unsatisfying for me. I found out I was not living in line with my values.

Not being able to sleep because of our active child has had numerous effects on me. I didn’t want to know anything about the destruction of nature, poverty, imminent wars, atomic threat. I wanted to get out of Facebook, the internet. All these issues destroyed my happiness.


It has been a long time. My baby Julian will be two years in a few months time and the time since his birth has flown by moncler outlet.

I had loads of sleepless nights.

Especially last night has been terrible.
I find it difficult to know what I want to do in future. I am not sure if I want to be the persona Nina Levett when in this moment I feel older and priorities have changed.

Life is not any more about external success. I feel more active in a search of what I’d like to do in future.
My main interests are nutrition, weight loss, fitness and home decoration. But I have lately also been drawn into personal finance because in the last decade I spent a fortune on my art without seeing any return.

I don’t want to go on and on about this. It’s where I stand right now. isabel marant boots sale


Hello dear readers,
I am trying to be consistent with the writing on this blog but in the last weeks I was really tired because my son is teething and things are really hectic around here.

So I just want to inform you that I am working on some interesting interviews for the blog and I bought a new camera so I can upload some great new photos and videos.

Here are the first new photos with the new camera.


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