Life is a boring hell (decoration tips)

Where I started last month and what lessons were learnt.

I learnt that running with music is easier on faster and longer runs.

I learnt about addiction from the Amy Dresner book. That all addictions are interchangeable. That relapsing is part of the journey of recovery.

I learned to try to be very authentic and in touch with who I am. That means not to answer emails that are hurtful. To delegate many things that seep my energy.

Keeping my phone away from yoga class.

Keeping my phone away from the bedroom.

Foamrolling and yoga to increase flexibility.

My haircolour: either I go back to dark or I make an effort to dye dark strands over the blond ones.

Doing a routine of short meditations and yoga sessions.

Foamrolling and strength sessions alone.

Thinking about small steps. Little doses of stretching, writing and running. Little doses of publishing things on my website.

Talking to people about what I could have done better.

Letting my thoughts flow.



Ikea used to be one of the brands I just couldn’t get myself to buy in the last few years after creating my own tableware and trying to sell it – without success (of course) – and seeing that it was almost impossible to sell a plate for 10 EUR if at Ikea you get a “cooler” (with that I mean a thoroughly designed product – thought for the needs of “normal people”) one at 1 EUR or so. Ikea just had this terrible “cheap” feeling to it and this very “buy and throw away” feeling. And this “destroy the world” feeling. This doubt whether I should be there or not.

But recently I had to buy furniture for my intern Sayeeda. She only stayed in Vienna for a short time. So what to do about buying furniture for her? Of course…. buy stuff at Ikea.

And while searching what to buy I consultd the blog Dorr Sixteen. Because I respect Anna Dorfman and like her taste I thought she might write about great Ikea finds. And really she had a few good tips about what to buy at Ikea. She recommended the the Rast chests, the Karlstad loveseat, the Stockholm rug, EXBY OXIE and EKBY TRYGGVE shelves, and loads more.
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But I also needed a bed sofa. And I really felt that the Ikea legs looked so “IKEA”ish.
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Luckily I came across Pretty Pegs, pretty legs for Ikea furniture that easily screw into the bases of Ikea sofas and beds. And here is a very cool diy for cool Ikea-legs.
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We bought the bed sofa, but we left the Ikea legs this time. But I never forgot about the cool, pretty “pretty pegs”. And since I went back to Ikea today I wanted to find these colourful legs again. And a way to remember them.
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Image credits:
Pretty Pegs
Morning by Foley

image_sm cheap isabel marant shoes As you all know I am taking part in the Blog Boss E-Course of the Decor8blog by Holly Becker. The second homework is to write about 8 blogs that rock and why. I decided to create a video about this. Probably I’ve been influenced by the aethetics of these blogs, because they all are layed out and styled the way I would like my (future) blog to look. I am currently setting up a free template for my website and blog. We decided to use Blogium by WPShower and will be trying it with multilingual plugin and the other plugins that I’d like to use (commentluv, and one to show thumbnails of similar posts, etc.). I got help from my SEO adviser to do this. Student Blogs nike air max cheap 1. Beeldsteil Dutch blog about photography and interior styling, design and writing, etc. by Wendy. cheap nike air max 2. Little White Space Australian blog by Tam about inspirations, stylings, parties and decorations and so much more. nike cortez trainers 3. gosto design Blog by Sonia about design and affiliated to her web shop. 4. fine fine books Inspirational blog about books and their authors. nike cortez sale 5. lieschen heiratet Blog about weddings and diy projects for weddings 6. Gretchen Gretchen Blog by Finnish photographer Kreeta with a kind heart and many ideas and lovely inspirational posts including her own photography. Other Blogs 7. Door Sixteen Blog by book cover designer Anna Dorfman of NYC and her decoration projects and politics and so on. 8. Plenty of Colour Posts about all things colourful with a weight on graphic design. Image credits: beeldsteil