Rather than sleeping on the floor (furniture)

NOW. My paintings are exhibited ca. 5 mins. from St. Stephen’s cathedral right in the centre of Vienna.

Come and see my work in the WOKA LAMPS VIENNA shop display (address: Weihburggasse 12, 1010 Vienna).



Art Nouveau and Vienna workshop, designer- and architectural-concepts – hand-crafted reproductions of exclusive lamps and lights – original antiques and art objects of the 19th and 20th centuries

WOKA LAMPS VIENNA® is the owner of the original manufacturing tools and equipment of the period the lamps were designed, press tools, casting moulds, torsion meters and such like, thus enabling exact and authentic reproduction of the designs as they had originally appeared.

The lamps are now hand-crafted in limited numbers in Vienna. Solid brass is mostly the exclusive manufacturing material. The surface may be polished brass, nickel plated or lacquered in any style.

Each one of the massive cast elements of these lamps is manually moulded in sand. After casting, the mould is used up and has to be replaced.

The smooth tubes are passed through old moulding tools to obtain the required profile.

The glasses are hand-blown. In order to obtain the desired form, they are blown into a wet, constantly turning wooden mould.

Similar to hand-crafted WOKA LAMPS my modular paintings are handmade and differ from industrial production even though the glossy finishing seems almost perfect.