I get drunk (glasses)

Lobmeyr wine glass  “Gemischter Satz” by Polka Products.

Laser engraved with ornaments by Nina Levett

Height 20 cm, diameter 10 cm.


This is the second time that my mother has asked me to design glasses as prizes for a golf tournament she is sponsoring. She also asked me to do two glasses for the 20th wedding anniversary for a couple she knows.

The golf tournament is going to host her friends coming from a place in the west of Austria called St. Anton am Arlberg. For this reason some of the designs show mountains and alpine scenery. She also asked me to include glof in some of the imagery.

I think filming the images this way doesn’t make much sense because you really can’t see the ornaments so well. For this reason I will include some details as pics.

In the next days this site will be relaunched and then it will be possible to enlarge the pics. then it will be easier for me to document my work.

In the beginning of 2011 I was invited to take part at the TALENTS show of Ambiente Messe in Frankfurt. There I met Cordula Schmidt who is the design manager of Ritzenhoff in Germany. She has invited me to do several designs for Ritzenhoff. The latest project I am working for is an ornament for the prosecco glass of the series PEARLS.
In this video I show some of the drafts and drawings involved in the process of designing for this project. You can see some of the inital sketches and also the colouring steps on the computer. Finally you can also see the end result.