When you feel lonely look around (inspirations)


Hello dear readers,
yesterday I was looking for some great new images for my Pinterest boards and came across really cool ads by Juicy Couture.

When trying to find the credits for some of those ads, I found out that the following ad had been shot by Steve Meisel:
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Born in 1954 Steven Meisel started out as a fashion illustrator. He studied at the High School of Art and Design and then continued to study at Parsons The New School of Design. At a very young age Meisel would not play with toys but would use fashion magazines like Vogue or Harpers Bazaar to draw women.  According to Wikipedia he was deeply fascinated by rich and beautiful women like Gloria Guinness, who in his eyes personified beauty and high society. He was equally fascinated by his sister and mother and finally had a deep obsession for models like Twiggy, Veruschka and Jean Simpton.
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He asked girlfriends to call model agencies pretending to be secretaries of Richard Avedon so he could get pictures of the models. He even waited for Twiggy outside a photographer’s studio, and stalked models outside the agencies to catch photographs of them.
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To start off his career he worked for fashion designer Halston as a fashion illustrator, and taught fashion illustration as a part time job at Parsons. He then never thought of becoming a photographer. He later worked for Women Wear Daily and contacted Elite Model Agency where he was allowed to take pictures of the models. So he worked weekdays as an illustrator and on the weekends as a photographer. Some of the models took their pictures to Seventeen magazine. This is how he got his first job as a professional photographer.

He has shot every cover of Vogue Italia for the last 25 years. There are very few interviews in which he directly speaks to the media and he hates photographs being made of him even though he looks extremely beautiful with his long dark hair. He is said to be overtly homosexual.

One of the rare interviews was with Pierre Alexandre de Looz for, click here to read it. One of the quotes from this interview: “During our conversations, Meisel confided that unlike many of his peers today he doesn’t constantly carry a camera. “When I think about it, am I really a fashion photographer?” The answer to that seems easy enough, unless of course you are Steven Meisel.”
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I wish you all a really pleasant day

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Image credits:
First image – Eliza Cummings, Hanne Gaby Odiele & Daria Strokous by Steven Meisel
Second image – Daria Strokous (Women) and Hanne Gaby Odiele (Ford) are back for the campaign lensed by Steven Meisel and now they have additional player, Viktoriya Sasonkina also at Women. The campaign was shot on November 15th 2010 and styled by the famous Lori Goldstein. Those blonde hair was by Orlando Pita and the make up was by Pat McGrath.
Third image – Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images, TIME Lists

Bad Lieutenant by Abel Ferrara I am currently enrolled in the Blog Boss workshop by Holly Becker. One of the lessons I have learned in this workshop is that I should be writing about things I am truly passionate about and I should do things I love and have fun doing. cheap isabel marant shoes So here I am. I’d love to tell you about some days ago when I met my great friend Tom Zeitlberger, who designs the best wallpapers I can think of and who I will be trying to meet to shoot a video portrait about for this blog soon. We ate lunch together and then went to the park chatting about our recent projects and where we are heading in the future. While we were talking I told Tom to contact one or two agencies or representatives because I truly think he should be designing for Versace and for Hermes (anyone have a contact for him in one of those companies, please let me know in the comments below). isabel marant boots sale The next day I opened one of the three versions of LeBook I was featured in (LeBook NY 2010, LeBook Berlin 2010 and Le Book LA 2010) and took photos of all the representatives listed there to send them to Tom. At this occasion I had all these adresses open on my iPhone and decided that I would also be contacting new reps again. For my style (which is rather edgy if not to say pornographic) it is much harder to find a rep than for Tom, but I never gave up hope. I already found the best gallerist in the world: Rudolf Budja to take care of my art. I am now looking for an agency or representative to take care of my design and illustration work. Preferably this someone shoud be in NYC. black nike free run cheap Guess what! After sending all my emails to some of the agencies out there I received one reply from Liz Leavitt of LLreps – Levine and Leavitt. Liz said that she was busy after having been to London and that she would review my work and get back to me. I guess this was an email she sent to all the two hundred people out there waiting for replies from her. But still…. …I was so thrilled. Especially after having looked more closely at the great artists that LLreps represent. I had a closer look at the Behance profile of Adam Larson. And then at his website. And I found – GUESS WHAT – that he had worked for my big idol MADONNA!!!! cheap nike cortez mogollon represented by LLreps mogollon represented by LLreps Going back to the website of LLreps I saw that several of their artists had worked for Madonna. Above you see two works by Mogollon (also represented by Leavitt and Levine Reps) for Madonna. So I figured that I had just received an email from a representative who is working for Madonna!!!!!!! nike heels uk I am not sure yet. I wrote back to Liz Leavitt to ask her if she was the agent who had procured the client Madonna to those artists. But the thought is

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one of those moments in life….. ahhhhh! There was another moment that happened to me about 2 years ago when I was reading on of the many biographies about Madonna. I had just seen the video about the “Making Of” of one of my favourite movies “Bad Lieutenant” by Abel Ferrara (see video above) online and was investigating deeper into Abel Ferrara and Harvey Keitel when one of the biographies about Madonna arrived by post. And when I opened it, I just opened the page ABOUT MADONNA AND ABEL FERRARA (page 192 in the biography written by Andrea Morton titled Madonna, published by St. Martin’s Press). Because Madonna loved the film Bad Lieutenant too (one of the best scenes of Bad Lieutenant was completely improvised by Harvey Keitel on the spot – it surely appealed to her). She contacted Abel Ferrara and asked him to direct a film with her and Harvey Keitel. The film was first titled Snake Eyes, but was then called “Dangerous Game”, and really had been a dangerous game played by Madonna. Abel and Harvey accepted to work on this project but the result was not exactly what she had had in mind. The film explored aspects of her identity that Madonna would have liked to leave uncommented. Madonna said later that the best parts had been cut away and what had remained were pieces that “ridiculed” her – or so she obviously felt. I'll be talking about this movie and other crazy things that happened to me in reference to my idols in other posts. These episodes in my life when "coincidences" like these occur give sense to my life and make me extremely happy and make me feel I am on the right track. Video Credits: Helsinki Productions, Helsinki Productions is an independent film production & post-production company helmed by Michael Frost and Charles Wright.


olek olek_2




Today I was googling how to create hand drawn typefaces and I found a great video about Typography by Off Book PBS arts. I really thought that this was a great video and I tried to find more videos by Off Book PBS arts. And I found one about Street Art. In this documentary two female artists are portrayed, one of them fascinated me because she makes painfully large crocheted patterns.

Agata Olek says about herself that she loves to crochet, because it allows her to watch films while doing her artworks.

She is not a yarn-bomber but an artist. She says “I wish I could crochet even faster… I wish my hands would not hurt… I wish my back would be stronger…”

Here is a film about an artwork done in late December 2010. It covered an artwork by Arturo Di Modica, who installed his sculpture “Charging Bull” in Wall Street in 1989 without permission to do so. The crocheted cover was removed and torn by a park caretaker two hours after being installed.
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Agata Olek is a street artist. Born 1978 in Poland she moved to New York City in 2000. Very little is known about her personally. She says about her balloon installations that balloons represent “the happy moments in life – which are often just as impermanent”. She also says the balloons remind her of the times when she worked as a travelling clown for Health Plus and would visit poor New York neighbourhoods.
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Olek has an exhibition in the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC until today (March 23rd 2013). This show is about a court case she has been involved in (and was condemned for) after having had a physical dispute with an aggressive male patron in a bar. Since then she has been collaborating with women artists all around the globe and engaging in a frenzy of artistic works like crocheted boxing gloves, decorative doily skulls, butterflies, and half-naked mer-people dining lavishly on and around a knitted table where a crocheted skeleton is seated. Words in her works include “Happiness is an Inside Job,” “Karma Has No Deadline,” and “Being Beautiful on the Inside is What’s Important HAHA Not Really.” A feeling of having survived underwater in a sunken ship is conveyed in this installation in reference to her violent experiences.

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Video Credits: “The End is Far”, solo exhibition, Feb 23rd – March 23rd, 2013 Jonathan LeVine Gallery, a SURREEL film by Garrett Kafchinski, Adam Girgenti, Lauren Barber, produced by Rocky Ziegler and David Hausen
Image Credits:
Watch some of her other videos here.

Besides Tracy Enim there is another “cousin” of mine out there that uses swear words and words to create content which surprises.
This is the statement made by Linus on the Calligraphuck website:
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“Greeting cards are boring. The entire billion dollar industry is built on fake… nevermind, we’re not going to get into that argument. Suffice it to say that, even of most men hate them, greeting cards are a necessity. With Calligraphuck, they can be fun too. Why? Because they’re beautifully typeset, calligraphic, letter pressed cards emblazoned with profanity. If there’s anything we can get behind more than a sweet card that looks nice and also has the word fuck on it in huge letters we can’t think of what it is off the tops of our heads. Please throw $25 at this Indiegogo project so we can all start giving cards that express what we’re actually feeling.”
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Shop here to buy these great cards printed in the letterpress technique by The Hungry nike cortez Tracey_Emin Tracey Emin transforms rape, drugs, anorexia into puns. The title of her exhibitions seem like lines of poems: Exorcism of the Last Painting I Ever Made, No New Thing Under the Sun, From Army to Armani, It’s not me that’s crying it’s my soul, I Think it’s in my head, Praying To A Different God, Why I Never Became a Dancer,… nike air max 90 sale Emin shows herself, her hurtful moments and tainted thoughts in a very direct and exhibitionistic way. Along the way she created an impressive amount of commercial traces of consciousnes. The sentences she uses in her work are often tragic and funny at the same time. Tracey Emin uses painful situations and transforms them to art. She is a storyteller and vice versa often uses the conext of the art market to purposefully mould artificial situations of pain. nike free run sale 1974 Joseph Beuys made a performance that he called “I Love America and America Loves me”. He lived in an art gallery with wild coyotes. This was supposed to be a reconciliation with wild life. 1966 Tracey Emin locked herself in an art gallery for 2 weeks. She had nothing there except empty canvases and art materials – she wanted to make peace with herself and her art. There were lenses in the wall for the audience to ba able to watch her. This 14 day session began with artworks of artists she admired (e.g. Egon Schiele, Edvard Munch, Yves Klein) and resulted in a vast amount of autobiographic material. nike cortez trainers In her autobiography “Strangeland” Tracey Emin talks about her life. She tells of a non-abortion that her life began with and

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an abortion that started her career as a successful artist. The mother wanted to abort her and her bother Paul. The father was a hotel-owner, married to another woman. The mother did not manage to abort, so Paul her twin brother and Tracey were born. The lover became an absent dad. nike cortez sale “When I was born they thought I was dead”, says Tracey about her birth. Her first cry came late. This delay and the morbidity that lies therein she interprets as a theme for her life. Her recipe for success is the humorous way and shifted context of peace-making with her terrifying past: her memories of child abuse, not eating until her teeth became stomps, bed wetting, shame, rape, followed by a phase of intensive promiscuity, depression, alcoholism, being made fun of. Her unmade bed (that almost but didn’t win the Turner prize in 1999) is almost as famous as is the shark of Damien Hirst. nike heels uk Image credits: Saatchi Gallery. Video credits: Hermann Vaske.