Hang ‘em (moveable wallpapers)

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Hello dear readers,

this weekend we went to our holiday home near Salzburg for the first time since our wedding in 2010. cheap isabel marant boots

When we were there we had the chance to meet my gallerist Rudolf Budja, whom I also hadn’t personally met for a while. We talked about possibly working on new projects together. So now I am motivated to create new works for the gallery.

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In order to do so I am now making a list of the artworks that I still have here. I will send the list to the gallery.

While thinking about the next artworks I also remembered some works that I created but that haven’t yet been printed as moveable wallpapers like the one above from 2011. I’ll get this one done this week to start.

Have a great Wednesday,…

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From the 3rd to 12th February the Rudolf Budja Gallery is at the American International Fine Art Fair at Palm Beach. Nina Levett’s artwork is shown at the show.

The ornamental moveable wallpaper exhibited at this art fair was made in preparation for Nina Levett’s wedding, when she made several designs to be lasered as cotton tablecloths.
Later she used the laser-ornaments to create some of her moveable wallpapers.

The story of how Nina Levett’s studio became a Rainbow Studio

Nina Levett works with the Galerie Rudolf Budja since 2010. In the last two years a lot of energy has gone into exhibitions with this gallery: first solo exhibition “Neurotica” in March 2010, group exhibition “Femme Fatale” in summer 2010, Art Salzburg fair in summer 2010, Art Miami fair in December 2010, Luxury Please fair in November 2010, solo exhibition “Candy Girl”  in February 2011, opening of Yoshis Corner in spring 2011, group exhibition “Role Models – Role Playing” in summer 2011, solo exhibition “Round Goes Square” in November 2011, Art Miami in December 2010. Besides the cooperation with the Rudolf Budja Galerie Nina Levett also was invited to participate in other exhibitions: Milan furniture fair 2011 with Concept Store Stamm, the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts has done three events with Nina Levett in 2010-2011, Messe Frankfurt invited Nina Levett to participate at Ambiente Messe and Tendence Messe, Alessi decided to keep Nina Levett’s cutlery samples at the Alessi Museum,…

The last exhibition was deinstalled last week. Some moveable wallpapers were brought back to Vienna for the next exhibtion which will take place in Vienna this spring. The Rainbow Studio is the result of hanging the moveable wallpapers which were brought back in the studio. On the pictures you can see the effect created by hanging the modular wall panels: before and after.

If you like these works and would like a 2012 calender with these artworks please contact Johannes Schwaninger of the Steinerwirt. I attach a link to a blog article about the calender.