Hang ‘em (moveable wallpapers)

Nina Levett’s moveable wallpapers are frescoed panels usually created for specific projects, sites or exhibitions. Her provocative and revolutionary imagery can be divided into different cycles. The Angel series called “What The Angel Said” was a series of portraits designed for the Luxury Please exhibition held in the Wiener Hofburg in 2010. These moveable wallpapers are “portable murals” with enlarged porn imagery taken from the internet, covered with abstract shapes to create a sort of camouflage, architectural map of the photograph beneath. Once the work was completed Nina removed the porn image which she had worked on and replaced the photograph with self portraits shot by her husband in similar postures.

The Angel series has become a collection of tormented self-portraits, which appeal to people because they connect to them. In fact the exhibition almost sold out immediately.

Following on from the Angel Series, Nina uses images of her own face and naked or partially clothed body, as the basis for the design. She adds swirling patterns of pastel colours, in pinks, greens and yellows against geometric and stylised backgrounds. From a technical point of view her most advanced work, these images are produced using a complicated under glaze process, of which she is very proud. The images are a homage to one of Nina’s heroines, Madonna, who uses her body and her self image in a fluid and imaginative way that Nina greatly admires. The images Nina has created reflect the exchangeable fantasies of women, and represent their attempts to express both their beauty, and their complex identities within their daily lives.

The Studio Pop exhibition is all about the interchangeable human being. Object-Human. The “Pop Star” Nina Levett was interviewed by Max Fabigan in a series of videos created by Cast Your Art, In reality none of the 8 “Nina Levetts” were the actual Nina Levett. So all the information given by the interviewed people was in effect false. But the video project shows that being a star is not about content but more about the look and feel and the context of the situation. Also the moveable wallpapers of this series of artworks were about the human object theme.

“Studio Pop” can still be visited until 1st July in Neustiftgasse 6-8 1070 Vienna. Opening Times: Mo-Thu 9-18 and Fri 9-13.