The new anorexia (c(r)ockery)

Nina Levett designed a small series of plates for her best friend’s wedding.

Nina Levett is showing her newest tableware box at the Il Matrimonio dei Sensi in Milan from the 11th – 13th November 2011.

Click here to download the full PDF of Nina’s newest limited edition tableware box.

In 2009 I learned how to make porcelain objects. I learned this from Barbara Beranek who is one of the most important porcelain artists in Vienna, Austria today. Her website is

The steps to creating porcelain are the following:
a. Making the basic sketch.
b. Creating the shape in clay.
c. Casting the shape with plaster.
d. Making the shape in porcelain using the plaster moulds, drying and burning of the raw porcelain objects in the kiln.
e. Glazing and burning at very high temperature in the kiln.
f. Adding final ornamentation if wanted and burning in kiln.

This is part of the vintage series. Nina Levett rediscovers old plates and reinvents them applying new prints and meanings and experiments with glazes and colours.