Psychedelic stuff (textiles)

My new sofa was delivered a few weeks ago. Actually it is not new. I bought the sofa Sofa Tufty Time about 5 years ago. It came with a standard fabric, as I had bought it off a showroom exhibition at a lower price: the fabric was orange and dark grey.

The children love the sofa. They jump on it even though they are already 9 and 10 years old. The fabric was therefore already torn. But there is another reason why I wanted to re-do the sofa: I am pregnant. It is no secret that pregnant women start to “build their nest”.
In many sleepless nights I started my investigations. I went into the internet and found many blogs sharing tutorials on how to make good use of spaces. As much as I fell in love with the idea of re-styling the apartment, I immediately felt that this was also a professional opportunity. I had done a lot in the area of textile design lately but nothing that we could “test” for private use.
I then ordered the fabric at the upholsterer. When he delivered the textiles I was surprised how many fabrics were necessary and how big they were. There were 6 furniture pieces that I wanted to re-do at the same time. For the Tufty Time sofa two of the fabrics were about 10 m2. They are so big because the sofa consists of so many folded parts.
It took a few weeks to finish the print. There were so many small and large pieces and I developed different ornaments and patterns for each of them (one for each arm-rest, one for the back, one for the front, etc.).
It was difficult to make the pattern large enough to fit to the design of the large sofa.
It was the first time I made a really big pattern repeat. It was a sort of table with 2 rows and 3 columns in which I made the design. I had to print 6 screens to finish one repeat, and then add the next 6 screens to continue the pattern, etc.
I think it paid off. The pattern I created fits to the pregnancy: flowers and embryos interwoven together.
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As you may have noticed, Nina Levett’s website is bilingual. From now on the posts will be regularly posted. The main theme will continue to be the works of  Nina Levett. The contents of the blog will also be the personal themes that Nina is interested in: interior design, selection of colours, flowers, home decorating, but also cooking. Also other websites will be presented for inspiration, as well as tips about the city of Vienna (restaurants, shopping, comments about the city, but also texts about exhibitions,…).
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In September near the Karmelitermarkt in Vienna in Große Pfarrgasse a Nina Levett shop will be opening. In the shop you can buy textiles, but also living accessories such as cushions and small fabric bags, curtains and moveable wallpapers, furthermore tableware and wallpapers will be available.
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On the pictures below you can see the first preparations for the shop. Nina Levett produces a small series of limited edition handprinted bags which will be available on the internet as well as in the shop in Vienna. The pictures show the inside fabrics for the small bags. The colours are neon pink and light brown.
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Nina Levett is currently working on some textiles for curtains. She will present her new fabric collection by the end of 2012. These are the first designs of the new collection. In the next days a video will document the work process involved in creating these patterns.

The themes of this collection are anxiety and fear, but also protection from these feelings. The patterns are more abstract than the last collection. The works are held in black and white enabling to print in several colours, multi-layering the diverse themes.

The pattern above is about things adults are scared of. Violence, prostitution, drugs, terror, ageing, anxiety,…. These all are negative aspects of our own lives or someone else’s. This pattern was created as a counterweight to the bright side which is represented by flowers, bulimic models, thin girls, love and laughter (as seen in the first and last pattern).

Austrian designer Nina Levett creates narrative ornaments for wallpapers

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and textiles. In this installation Nina Levett shows a wallpaper that tells the story of a young prostitute who has married a client but finds herself losing her identity. The title is “Believe Liar”. During the day her husband wanders about the city in search of prostitutes instead of going to work whilst she lies at home in bed trying to sleep. Words like “lie, sleep, trust” add the narrative element to the artwork. The woman is hiding behind the cushion. This is one of the options she has to escape the violence of her relationship. This is the design for the wallpaper. The background wall is made of 10m x2,5m handprinted fabric.