Yes I did (about my wedding)

Hello dear readers,
my husband and I married in 2010. Yesterday I decided to write you the full story of my separation from the father of my first two children and how this has influenced me deeply.

My husband and I met in 2010 and have had a very “easy” and loving relationship which has been crowned by the birth of our son Julian 5 months ago. At the moment Julian is starting to sit and to eat solid foods. This is a very special moment for us.

We have created a website about our wedding which is still work in progress, but which I would like to share with you: WEDDING SITE.










Above are the pictures of some of the printing work I did for the wedding. We also have a 120-paged book that I will be showing you soon. How was your wedding story? I would love to read your stories in the comments section below. nike high heels

Here is my wedding video: cheap nike air max nike air max 90 sale

Lots of love
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This wedding video was partly produced for the real wedding of Nina Levett but modified to be shown at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. The exhibition which it was for was curated by Sam Jacob. The wedding video leaves doubt as to whether it is the marriage of the artist Nina Levett (dressed in black underwear and veil) or of her sister (dressed in the white wedding dress).

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Last weekend my tableware was presented at the “Il Matrimonio dei Sensi” show in Milan, Italy. This part of the IoSposa wedding fair is curated by Gabriella Giamminola.