My new sofa was delivered a few weeks ago. Actually it is not new. I bought the sofa Sofa Tufty Time about 5 years ago. It came with a standard fabric, as I had bought it off a showroom exhibition at a lower price: the fabric was orange and dark grey.

The children love the sofa. They jump on it even though they are already 9 and 10 years old. The fabric was therefore already torn. But there is another reason why I wanted to re-do the sofa: I am pregnant. It is no secret that pregnant women start to “build their nest”.
In many sleepless nights I started my investigations. I went into the internet and found many blogs sharing tutorials on how to make good use of spaces. As much as I fell in love with the idea of re-styling the apartment, I immediately felt that this was also a professional opportunity. I had done a lot in the area of textile design lately but nothing that we could “test” for private use.
I then ordered the fabric at the upholsterer. When he delivered the textiles I was surprised how many fabrics were necessary and how big they were. There were 6 furniture pieces that I wanted to re-do at the same time. For the Tufty Time sofa two of the fabrics were about 10 m2. They are so big because the sofa consists of so many folded parts.
It took a few weeks to finish the print. There were so many small and large pieces and I developed different ornaments and patterns for each of them (one for each arm-rest, one for the back, one for the front, etc.).
It was difficult to make the pattern large enough to fit to the design of the large sofa.
It was the first time I made a really big pattern repeat. It was a sort of table with 2 rows and 3 columns in which I made the design. I had to print 6 screens to finish one repeat, and then add the next 6 screens to continue the pattern, etc.
I think it paid off. The pattern I created fits to the pregnancy: flowers and embryos interwoven together.
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Today I opened my Etsy shop. I had been thinking about this step for quite a while now. This morning I watched videos on Etsy about become a seller there.
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It was all about how to have financial success as a designer. As my recent projects were very expensive but were not for sale, I thought it might be a good idea to produce a series of products especially for the online store Etsy.
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These products are extremely well priced to compete with the other products on Etsy.
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Following Etsy’s rules means disregarding Nina Levett’s rules: NO SEX is one of their policies. So the products on Etsy will be different. This also expains the price difference between Nina Levett’s products and the products on the Etsy store.
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In the last weeks I was reading about how to blog and how to create online content. I hope that slowly I understand how it is done. It seems that it’s all about great photos, being authentic and also creating a story about the products you sell.
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I will be elaborating on this soon.

Here is the complete link to the Etsy shop of Nina Levett:

Etsy Shop Nina Levett : :  About Page Etsy Shop Nina Levett : :  First Item

Etsy Shop Nina Levett : :  First Item

New Tableware by Nina Levett
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I will be opening a small shop in Vienna this autumn, therefore I want to proceed with the production of products in the next two months. The main focus of the shop will be on handprinted textiles but there will also be tableware and wallpapers.
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In the last days I made some new tableware. The themes are the same as always: a doll-like woman, at the same time whore, wreck, princess, doll and supermodel (is or wants to be). She eats too much. She eats too little. She feels she should be like this or like this.
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These photos show the work in progress of the making of the porcelain plates. The yellow stickers on the plate are the silkscreen prints that will be heated in the kiln. I work with especially high temperatures. Normally the silkscreen colour is burned at 700 degrees Celsius. I double that heat (going as far as 1250) so that the colour sinks into the plates. I can put up to 6 plates in the kiln each day. The burning takes about 24 hours. The placement of the foils takes up to two hours per plate. Each plate is different.
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This time the plates will be blue (THE classic colour for tableware). I am curious to read your comments,…. cheap isabel marant shoes

Today in the morning I cleaned out everything to be able to work well with Nora and Tamara. It was the first day of their one-month internship.
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It worked really well. We discussed their talents and hobbies and tried to make them fit into the studio’s next projects. Nora and Tamara collected inspirations from magazines and books. They each made a personal notebook that they can keep for future projects.
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Nora has an education in product design with special focus on metal. She is now continuing her education and is doing a course in interior design and product design. I thought it would be great to ask her to work on the special Nina Levett packaging, that we will be using for the shop. She will be producing the embossing tool for the packaging.
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Tamara has just finished her degree in textile design and will proceed with a bachelor degree in London this autumn. Her talents are in the field of printmaking and ornament design. We will be printing loads of fabrics together!
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I will be showing more of the results of this cooperation in the next days. For now I can show you the state of the studio at the beginning of this internship month.
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Nina Levett Studio :: This is what it looks like today

Tomorrow two girls are starting to work for me. They will be working in the studio for about a month. So at night time I thought about how to organize their duties for them. I came up with the idea to design little notes that they can pick out of a box and where their work exercises are written.
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First I thought of the origami stars that I had seen on I found a video on Youtube, about making the origami stars. But when I tried to make an origami star, I saw that it wouldn’t open up. So I looked for something better to use instead.
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I found a guide how to make little origami notes and a video on Youtube that explained how to make a very simple origami star box. I then organized the work duties and designed little envelopes. All that was missing was a little box where to place the envelopes.
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I then designed the patterns for the box.
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Here you can download the patterns for the box.
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I hope you enjoy making it!

Enjoy the making of the box! Origami