Ikea used to be one of the brands I just couldn’t get myself to buy in the last few years after creating my own tableware and trying to sell it – without success (of course) – and seeing that it was almost impossible to sell a plate for 10 EUR if at Ikea you get a “cooler” (with that I mean a thoroughly designed product – thought for the needs of “normal people”) one at 1 EUR or so. Ikea just had this terrible “cheap” feeling to it and this very “buy and throw away” feeling. And this “destroy the world” feeling. This doubt whether I should be there or not.

But recently I had to buy furniture for my intern Sayeeda. She only stayed in Vienna for a short time. So what to do about buying furniture for her? Of course…. buy stuff at Ikea.

And while searching what to buy I consultd the blog Dorr Sixteen. Because I respect Anna Dorfman and like her taste I thought she might write about great Ikea finds. And really she had a few good tips about what to buy at Ikea. She recommended the the Rast chests, the Karlstad loveseat, the Stockholm rug, EXBY OXIE and EKBY TRYGGVE shelves, and loads more.
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But I also needed a bed sofa. And I really felt that the Ikea legs looked so “IKEA”ish.
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Luckily I came across Pretty Pegs, pretty legs for Ikea furniture that easily screw into the bases of Ikea sofas and beds. And here is a very cool diy for cool Ikea-legs.
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We bought the bed sofa, but we left the Ikea legs this time. But I never forgot about the cool, pretty “pretty pegs”. And since I went back to Ikea today I wanted to find these colourful legs again. And a way to remember them.
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Image credits:
Pretty Pegs
Morning by Foley

Besides Tracy Enim there is another “cousin” of mine out there that uses swear words and words to create content which surprises.
This is the statement made by Linus on the Calligraphuck website:
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“Greeting cards are boring. The entire billion dollar industry is built on fake… nevermind, we’re not going to get into that argument. Suffice it to say that, even of most men hate them, greeting cards are a necessity. With Calligraphuck, they can be fun too. Why? Because they’re beautifully typeset, calligraphic, letter pressed cards emblazoned with profanity. If there’s anything we can get behind more than a sweet card that looks nice and also has the word fuck on it in huge letters we can’t think of what it is off the tops of our heads. Please throw $25 at this Indiegogo project so we can all start giving cards that express what we’re actually feeling.”
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Shop here to buy these great cards printed in the letterpress technique by The Hungry nike cortez

Above you see a video from one of my favourite blogs called DESIGNLOVEFEST. Apparently this video was made using an iPhone and edited using Photoshop. On DESIGNLOVEFEST you can book courses about Photoshop for bloggers. At the moment my baby is too small to be able to take part in one of these courses, even though they seem so interesting. In the meanwhile I have already met a blogger fom Australia, who recently joined a Blogshop course. It seems that even Holly Becker (famous blogger, founder of decor8blog) wanted to ask Bri (founder of DESIGNLOVEFEST) to teach her to make videos.
For this post I would like to create a pro-memoria of how I edit videos at the moment (using free software for PC). It took me about a year to learn to make them. You can find all my videos on Youtube and Vimeo.
This is my work process for video shooting and editing.
a) Develop ideas, create storyboard and making lists, finding and preparing location, etc.
b) Shooting of film material isabel marant boots sale
c) To directly capture material from the computer screen I use the following software: Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 and Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture
d) I record my own voice using an iPhone or the iPad via the following programme Reclouder auf. I then send myself the file via email.
e) When I want a professional English voice (male mothertongue speaker), I let someone do a professional voiceover. This costs about 5 USD per minute of speech. Visit the following website Fiverr to see more services for 5 USD. Just simply have a look.
f) Importing of data via cable or via email. nike cortez sale
g) Opening the film material in Windows Live Movie Maker Version 2011 (free software available for download), cutting of video, then adding the sound and possibly image files.
h) It is important to find the correct settings to be able to make the video adapt for full screen viewing. If I insert image data I set the image size to 640×360 Pixel. Using the menu “Project” in Windows Live movie Maker I set the value to widescreen (16:9).
i) I added the following custom settings for saving the correct settings for Vimeo when saving the finished movie file:
j) Uploading and creating the right settings for Youtube is automatic on Windows Live Movie Maker version 2011, just click the Youtube button on the top menu.
k) Yesterday I tried editing a video using Photoshop CS4 Extended. A video made with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 cannot be directly opened in Photoshop CS4 Extended, because the file extension .wmv cannot be opened. Therefore choose Layer>Video Layer>New video layer from file…. A good article about video editing using Photoshop CS4 Extended can be found here.
l) In Photoshop you can edit the video like you would a normal photo. You can also open the timeline and insert images or writing in your video. Inserting frames or cutting the whole video is easy in Photoshop. I don’t know how you can make the video run faster than the speed at which it was recorded, but I gues it’s possible too. When you’re done go to File>Render video.
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To convert the file extensions I use two programmes:
1. Adobe Media Encoder CS4
2. Media Converter
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While working on understanding Photoshop CS4 Extended for video editing purposes I saw that Adobe will give up selling packaged software from now on and will pass to a subscitpion base for using the software. this system is called “Creative Cloud”. Until 7th April there are good prices for subscription. I am just thinking about subscribing to this new service or to buy my upgrade for the packaged Adobe Creative Suite. What do you think? nike heels Tracey_Emin Tracey Emin transforms rape, drugs, anorexia into puns. The title of her exhibitions seem like lines of poems: Exorcism of the Last Painting I Ever Made, No New Thing Under the Sun, From Army to Armani, It’s not me that’s crying it’s my soul, I Think it’s in my head, Praying To A Different God, Why I Never Became a Dancer,… nike air max 90 sale Emin shows herself, her hurtful moments and tainted thoughts in a very direct and exhibitionistic way. Along the way she created an impressive amount of commercial traces of consciousnes. The sentences she uses in her work are often tragic and funny at the same time. Tracey Emin uses painful situations and transforms them to art. She is a storyteller and vice versa often uses the conext of the art market to purposefully mould artificial situations of pain. nike free run sale 1974 Joseph Beuys made a performance that he called “I Love America and America Loves me”. He lived in an art gallery with wild coyotes. This was supposed to be a reconciliation with wild life. 1966 Tracey Emin locked herself in an art gallery for 2 weeks. She had nothing there except empty canvases and art materials – she wanted to make peace with herself and her art. There were lenses in the wall for the audience to ba able to watch her. This 14 day session began with artworks of artists she admired (e.g. Egon Schiele, Edvard Munch, Yves Klein) and resulted in a vast amount of autobiographic material. nike cortez trainers In her autobiography “Strangeland” Tracey Emin talks about her life. She tells of a non-abortion that her life began with and

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an abortion that started her career as a successful artist. The mother wanted to abort her and her bother Paul. The father was a hotel-owner, married to another woman. The mother did not manage to abort, so Paul her twin brother and Tracey were born. The lover became an absent dad. nike cortez sale “When I was born they thought I was dead”, says Tracey about her birth. Her first cry came late. This delay and the morbidity that lies therein she interprets as a theme for her life. Her recipe for success is the humorous way and shifted context of peace-making with her terrifying past: her memories of child abuse, not eating until her teeth became stomps, bed wetting, shame, rape, followed by a phase of intensive promiscuity, depression, alcoholism, being made fun of. Her unmade bed (that almost but didn’t win the Turner prize in 1999) is almost as famous as is the shark of Damien Hirst. nike heels uk Image credits: Saatchi Gallery. Video credits: Hermann Vaske.

Hello dear readers,
I love printing fabrics. I love designing fabrics. As you know I have very many patterns that I designed in my archive and hundreds of silkscreens to print my own patterns.
Soon some new furniture will arrive from Italy where I ordered three pieces from three famous brands that were made with my very own handprinted leather and textiles:
a) The Tufty Time bed by Patricia Urquiola nike heels uk
b) The Victor and Albert Armchair by Moroso nike air max 90 sale
c) The chairs by MDF Italia with printed leather with my designs.
On the photos you can see my newest project. I was inspired an Etsy shop to not only print a pattern, but to make the print exactly right for sewing the pattern.
It was designed quickly and printed at Textilfab. It arrived after a week as a flat fabric. I then cut and sewed the pieces together. I had participated in a sewing course a few weeks ago. That made this project a lot easier.
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