sex_doesnt_sell Hello dear readers,
in the last days while following the Blog Boss e-course by Holly Becker and two courses on Skillshare I had one thought on my mind that I am not very clear about. I thought I would ask you, as you probably know best what to do about this.
I would actually like to sell my tableware and textiles or work with fashion designers and graphic designers, interior stylists, offering to handprint and/or digitally print my patterns for their projects. Secondly I would like to sell my interior design products and would have liked to open my own shop. But I am in the grip of fear – and not only fear but past experience.
My work has a theme to it that crosses the border to punk and porn elements. For this reason my work is not elligible for many websites like Etsy, Dawanda, or even many regular blogs. It is harder to exchange information as I am working for a very small niche. I have thought a long time about whether I should change the content of my work and make my ornaments more adapt for everyday use. But I actually after having tried the emptiness of this adaption process I am quite sure that the sexual content is the uniqueness of my brand.
In the last year while I was pregnant many things changed in my head and I began to make less uncomfortable work. But it also lost its sense as soon as it was so common and exchangeable. So here I am back to my roots. I always had nudity and women as central themes for my pieces only that in my early days of making art (when I was about 15 years old) I created mainly illustrations and now I am here making everyday useable objects (ok – not really useable).
Instead of talking about the new pope or other more important issues here I am revolving around this blog and what it should be and lastly the future of my work and what it should be. I have come to realize that mainly I like experimenting. I find it difficult to “serve the same god” more than one day, meaning I can’t work on a project more than a few hours at a time. So here I am quasi handicapped artist, in that I can’t find continuity except in my private life. But blogging more frequently should give me a voice and maybe in this way I will also find the answers to my main concern: where will this work lead to? Will I find a way to sell my designs? Will I have my own shop one day?
If you have any ideas about this feel free to reply. nike heels uk

image_sm cheap isabel marant shoes As you all know I am taking part in the Blog Boss E-Course of the Decor8blog by Holly Becker. The second homework is to write about 8 blogs that rock and why. I decided to create a video about this. Probably I’ve been influenced by the aethetics of these blogs, because they all are layed out and styled the way I would like my (future) blog to look. I am currently setting up a free template for my website and blog. We decided to use Blogium by WPShower and will be trying it with multilingual plugin and the other plugins that I’d like to use (commentluv, and one to show thumbnails of similar posts, etc.). I got help from my SEO adviser to do this. Student Blogs nike air max cheap 1. Beeldsteil Dutch blog about photography and interior styling, design and writing, etc. by Wendy. cheap nike air max 2. Little White Space Australian blog by Tam about inspirations, stylings, parties and decorations and so much more. nike cortez trainers 3. gosto design Blog by Sonia about design and affiliated to her web shop. 4. fine fine books Inspirational blog about books and their authors. nike cortez sale 5. lieschen heiratet Blog about weddings and diy projects for weddings 6. Gretchen Gretchen Blog by Finnish photographer Kreeta with a kind heart and many ideas and lovely inspirational posts including her own photography. Other Blogs 7. Door Sixteen Blog by book cover designer Anna Dorfman of NYC and her decoration projects and politics and so on. 8. Plenty of Colour Posts about all things colourful with a weight on graphic design. Image credits: beeldsteil

Hello dear readers,
I have been reading many professional blogs lately. I would like to name three blogs that I think you could look into if you are looking for really good content and professional writing and not so much private “qua-quacking”.
a) Decor8
b) Stylebubble
But even though I love these three blogs and their professional writings and their really interesting pics to look at, I must say that my own work is only brilliant when it is rough and unfinished and drafty. The more I want to be “professional” and likeable, the less I feel I am producing high quality work.

The above draft is my own draft for a laser cut greeting card. I must say it’s rather pitiful compared to the works of others like Lisa Grue who I fell in love with lately. She also writes a really lovely blog, that I recommend you to have a look at. So here I am with images from my own work yesterday. And yet I’m still hoping to continue on my road and to be real and to be authentic. And you? Do you relate? cheap nike air max

Hello dear readers,
this blog has been going for a while but I post rarely and also usualy the blog is just about my own work. Since my pregnancy I have been reading a lot of successful blogs and would therefore like to change it to become more of a “sharing thing”. I will also try to make the categories come out more. I am not yet sure how I will name the categories from now on, but one of them is going to be called “Inspired by”.
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I would like to start this series with Kustaa Saksi from Finnland. Like myself Kustaa Saksi calls himself an illustrator but works across all media (silkscreen, 3D renderings, textiles designs, patterns for walls, etc.). Like myself he wanted to be an architect but wasn’t good in mathematics. And like myself he is inspired by pop art and other directions of the past like art nouveau, as well as the psychedelic art of the 1960s using the bright colours of that time.
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Watch this video about Kustaa.
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This is where the similarities stop. Kustaa is working with Hugo and Marie, which I think are one of the few really interesting illustration representatives today. He is now already into many great commercial projects like this one in Stockholm.
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Credits for the video on Vimeo: director: Geert van de Wetering, interview: Lotje Sodderland, camera: Niels de Roos, editing: Jorrit Spoelstra.
Protospace in Utrecht where experimentation is possible for young designers.
Maxalot, the pop up gallery in Amsterdam.
Photo of the Stockholm fair are by Tord-Rikard Söderström.
Kustaa Saksi on Facebook.
Information via Change The Thought.

For anyone interested in ornaments and patterns Rob Ryan is the man to find out about.
He was inspired by swiss paper cutting.
Rob Ryan uses papercuts to make his silkscreens. I tried his technique. He uses a knife with a number three grip and a 10A blade and draws his designs on paper, then he cuts into 80g paper using the blade. Finally his designs are often used for silkscreen printing by spraying them in black spray varnish.

Rob Ryan quote
“In answer to all your questions, I always use a certain paper to cut on mainly out of habit but just because I just like it ! It is 80gsm uncoated but very smooth stock. We spray using Montana Gold, with a fat cap ! It’s better to put a lot of paint on at once rather than very fine ‘dusty’ coats.
Regarding the printing, we use the original papercuts as artwork , as you would use a film – we expose it directly onto photo emulsion coated screen and then expose to UV etc.”
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Visit Rob Ryans blog or his shop on Etsy.
Image via Etsy. cheap nike cortez