Alpine Poesy black and white series

The Alpine Poesy collection is comprised of traditional symbols that are printed on products, and also presented on textiles with the Austrian Alps embroidered style of ‘Heimat’. Mixing these traditional symbols with sexual images is somewhat strange and they work in contrast to each other.The combination of sex and Alps is a sort of sweet and sour mixture. It is unusual and comprises a type of criticism. It shouts. Open your eyes! Open your mouth! We’re all just human. The typical West-Austrian Alpine traditional symbolism has no space for sex, so I find it interesting to force these two themes together.

Here you can see different versions of the same theme.

On some plates you can see a woman without face and without hair. She is an abstraction. She is the body and not the individual. She stands for what females have in common because they share the same physical characteristics. Their lives are partly predetermined by the functioning of their bodies and minds.

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