Experimental illustrations

My technique is secondary to the theme, but I find that I work best with multiple projects in varying medias that are in progress all at once. My techniques, be it applying ink with my fingers, or with a silkscreen, are all developed with the will to experiment and to try new things. I find that the best ideas sometimes come from unexpected results. Being a mother, as well as an artist, I am very used to multi-tasking. Now, I have the advantage that my children help me with my work and sometimes come up with better ideas than I do!

Hand-drawings, depending on the project, are often the last part of my work process. I feel that they are the most important and direct way to find out what’s on a mind, and I find this process to be very intuitive. It’s like the ideas flow out of my pen or brush and I just have to help it happen. These hand-drawn illustrations and written texts are often the finishing touches to my work. They are like the salt in the soup!

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