To Blog or Not

My back is killing me softly. Again. Today it was blistering cold. My husband’s birthday. I fell off the blogging waggon right onto the trails and got squashed by some gigantic. I don’t know what. 

I did all the cleaning and washing because Silvi is ill and in hospital. Her liwet back pain broke her and broke me. 

Tomorrow Efi is back and will cook. I will be happy because organizing the cooking has been a chore. 

The day was topped off by some child placing and icecream on the side of the bed and there it melted and the melting cream soaked two beds and some stuffed animals. The newly appointed cleaning lady named Nina bravely tried to mend the problem. I found sheets that smell of fungus.

To blog or not. 


Are You With Me?

Recently I started accepting myself and being kind to myself. This means not forcing myself to do things that I previously thought I needed to do, sleeping when I was tired, meditating (in a lying position in bed),... I am amazed how much kinder I have become since concentrating on kindness.

Something I have learnt since being kinder to myself is accepting myself with all my crazy emotions. I decided that rather than change who I was and talking to others as thiugh I was flawed I started to be more comfortable within myself. If others try to give me their advice they are welcome but they will face iron-like bars (my new boundaries) and maybe be eliminated from being part of my journey.

This month we are decluttering in the Happiness Project. I am trying to learn how my brain works in order to find my own decluttering solution. I have found that decluttering is a powerful tool to surrender to the universe and a higher power.

Minimalism is concentrating on the relevant actions. Minimalism means buying nothing unnecessary. 

When I last decluttered my apartment I became much freer and happier. It was like all the stuff kept pulling my energy from me. I might use a timer and declutternmy space for 15 minutes a day. 

„Does it spark joy or not?“ will be the sinple prompt to decide if I will Maria Kondo something or not.