Outer Order, Inner calm

I have been obessing about Minimalism for a while. I love the idea of clean rooms and instagramworthy capsule wardrobes. I used to buy things when I needed them. It was a very impulsive way to consume stuff. Shopping is a big addiction for me. Finally after years of budgeting we are getting closer to „zero spend“ days. For us buying 50 EUR worth of food per day seems like a big step in the right direction. We are still trying to stay close to that number and it prevents us from overspending. 

I have recently been able to stop myself when wanting to buy any version of an app. I was able to recognize the impulse and stop myself and delete the app rather than upgrading to the paid version of it. Of course, often I fail. I still buy stuff and still make mistakes.

Recently I signed up for two online courses (I know) . One is on Daily OM and is called „A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back!“. I don‘t like it very much. The most useful tip was a breathing exercise in which one could think of areas of overwhelm to declutter. These can be both physical (real) or in our minds.  

In my mind I am a bit worried for my kids concerning areas of anxiety. I am particularly anxious about climate change and what consumerism is doing to our resources and the planet, the destruction of nature is of major concern to me and I will need to be more active to do something about it. 

While I was writing this somebody bought my Cervelo bike. I think this was a great coincidence that while I am writing about outer order the bike problem was taken off my shoulders. The course says that decluttering should start with intention, be followed by action and be done with non-identification and compassion. I will try to ease into the clearing of my addiction to stuff. 2019 will be the year of meditation and letting go.

The second course I am doing is Gretchen Rubin’s „Happiness Project Experience“!course. So far I have been enjoying the app which is called „Better“. In this app there is a community of likeminded people who are striving for happiness. In the course you go through a lot of worksheets and exercises to discover what the real you wants. One exercise is to find who you envy. I found out that I envy famous podcast hosts and bloggers and online entrepreneurs and writers. I also enjoy teaching which is something I get to do with my kids. But now I am starting the blog to see where this will take me.

My back pain is telling me to work on stretching and my posture which I am becoming quite good at. 

I will try to track my different habits. 

Gretchen Rubin is going to publish a book called „Outer Order, Inner Calm“ soon. The book release is in March 2019.